The Progressive Way

Experienced Counselors

Progressive Therapy was created to provide counseling services that promote the development of effective coping skills and tools in order to eliminate obstacles, while  reforming and/or discovering and empowering individuals to reach their goals and dreams. Services are tailored to those dealing with, but not limited to life transition, child/adolescent behavioral issues, individuals dealing with self doubt, uncertainties, employment issues, and/or difficulties with creating a work-balance.

At Progressive Therapy the goal is to provide you with a safe and comfortable space for you to explore issues that may be preventing you from successfully maneuvering from day to day or reaching your personal goals. The Progressive Therapy staff believe they have a gift for creativity and often use it in their counseling approach to ensure that your experience is unique, innovative, creative, and has a lasting affect. With a little motivation and the right tools everyone has the ability to overcome any hardship and/or obstacles that may be preventing them from reaching their personal goals.